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Thawsitt Naing

Studying Computer Science at Stanford University (B.S. expected 2019), Thawsitt is passionate about web technologies and artificial intelligence. He is always learning new technologies and working on side projects in his free time.



Proficient: Angular, Bootstrap

Familiar: React


Proficient: Javascript, Python

Familiar: C++


Proficient: SQL

Familiar: Heroku, MongoDB

Featured Projects

xkcd chatbot
XKCD Chat Bot
  • Node.js, Facebook API, Heroku

A facebook chat-bot that lets you read xkcd webcomics directly on Facebook Messenger. I built it for fun using Node.js, Heroku, and Messenger API.

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Tetris AI
Tetris AI with Monte Carlo Tree Search
  • Gameplaying, AI, MCTS

An AI agent that can play the game of Tetris using Monte Carlo Tree Search. Final Project for CS221 (Artificial Intelligence: Principles and Techniques) at Stanford.

Final Paper

Random Dot Stereogram
Random Dot Stereogram
  • psychology, illusion, webapp

I built this web app to better visualize one of the concepts I learned in Psych 30 (Introduction to Perception) class at Stanford. It generates red-cyan stereograms which give an illusion of depth to the viewers.

Web App